Why you need a Coach in Your Business?

Have a Coach in your Business as early as possible to grow yourself and business. It will help you save your time, money, energy, and resources.

A coach can be in the form of Book, Training, Courses, Coaching, Masterminds, etc

Paid is recommended as we value it more.

Always try to go for the best, instead of starting from affordable.

You don’t need to have multiple Coaches in the same field or topic or niche at onetime – go step by step. As everyone’s way is different and they might be right in their own way, but it will create difficulty for you to decide what to follow and what not to follow. It’s like consulting 2-3 doctors at the same time and everyone gives a different medicine, now you are thinking which one to take, should I take all 3 or … 🙂

Information is Free on the Internet about everything. A coach helps you connect the dots fast and make you accountable. Most people fail online not because of lack of knowledge, instead, they fail due to lack of Accountability, they are not able to fulfill their own commitments to themselves.

Most players have Coaches why?
Most of the time the Players are better than their coach, even then they have them as Coach, Why?

Because they know they cannot make themself accountable, they need someone to pinpoint their mistakes and help them correct it.

If you are struggling and unable to grow, not able to find the right path, not sure what to do, and how to do it. Go find out the coach in your field ask them, instead of trying to find the solution yourself.

To get the best from the Coach – You need to be Coachable.

Business Growth Coach

Case Study – Online to Offline Business Story of Hisham Majeed – Coaching Student

Should you do Online Business or Offline Business?

This is the question that most of the people have in mind.

My Answer: It depends on person to person and their situation.

Recently I did an interview with one of my

Coaching Student Hisham Majeed.

Key Points of the Interview Timeline:

Why Open a Business on Sunday0:03:30

Untrained Staff Problem: 0:11:23

Why you need to work at every level of business in the start 0:14:00

Fixed Price or Price Bargaining? : 0:19:00

How to fix the Display, Untrained staff and Sales Problem Solution0:22:00

Hisham Majeed Review about my Coaching: 0:28:00

The decision to Join the Family Business was right or wrong: 0:34:00

Is having a Mentor / Coach really important? : 0:37:00

Should You do Offline Business0:41:20

Hisham Majeed Journey – Private Message on Facebook about his progress: 0:44:08

Hisham Uncle (Chaha) Advice that is helping him: 0:45:50

Message by Hisham Majeed for You0:54:07

Why don’t we listen to our parent’s advice and people close to us? : 0:55:30

Should I Provide the Coaching or not? Hisham Majeed Suggestion for me1:03:15

Final closing remarks by me 1:06:00

Soon I will be going to start a Coaching Program.

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OSAAS = “Onetime Software As A Service” Products

Been a buyer of multiple SAAS products and worked with a few of the founders. Most of the LTD deals are not worth.

SAAS LTD is going towards a downward trend just like ClickBank > Warrior Forum >WarriorPlus > JVZoo > APPSUMO > (other sites).

The ones who get more experience and knowledge start moving away from such sites and platforms. Start with good intention but when they shifted the focus from core feature of the business that is customer satisfaction and focuses more towards generating more revenue, they lose the advantage.

Running a SAAS business is not that easy. It requires lots of recurring costs to maintain it. Most of the SAAS founders do LTD just get to get some quick money and run away. That’s why most of the LTD products are buggy, incomplete features, functions and are not eligible to be Launch at LTD.

SAAS business needs real recurring customers. LTD just works as a quick way to generate funds and get early customers to get feedback and input about the product.

Another interesting part is that LTD stands for Life Time Deal, which means it won’t or should not be offered again. But even then they bring the LTD for the same product again and again. Which is an indicator that SAAS products didn’t get many recurring customers. Hence they were forced to follow the same route of LTD to get the funds to run the product with the hope that it will give them more time to either get recurring customers or find out a way to exit (sold it).

That’s injustice with those early adopters who invested and support the SAAS Products and buy LTD. They buy it to stand out from their competitor and use it to grow there business and in return, they may upgrade to the higher package of those SAAS Products. The early adopter loses that advantage when that SAAS Product brings LTD again and again. If they could just focus from the start that they are doing LTD for the sake of raising funds and do the working on how much accounts they need to sale to get the required funds, (instead of overburden with rush of new customers and don’t have system and process to accommodate them,) create awareness and bring early adopters to test and give feedback to improve, instead of making lots of money and ignore about product growth.

Those SAAS Products, who only rely on LTD will soon go out of the business.
As a buyer now I don’t make a decision on just base of LTD, I do it on the base of Founder’s reputation and achievements and credibility.

Last but not least. It is very easy to say your SAAS Product monthly price is $97 Per month i.e yearly $1,164 and as LTD you can get it from only $39 (save $1,125). When you don’t have any recurring member paying $97 per month 🙂 or don’t have 12 months retention period.

They are using FOMO at their advantage.

Most of such SAAS Products should be called as OSAAS = “Onetime Software As A Service” Product 🙂

Not to forget. There are few good SAAS Products too who utilize the LTD in an effective way and truely serve the early adaptors and for the growth of the business.

Rich or Wealthy

image credits https://www.thepropertymentors.com.au

You can get Rich Quick and Fast. But to become Wealthy you need a Long Time and Sustainability.

In this Digital Era, you will see many people getting quick money and most of those people end up broke as they don’t work on building Wealth. Which includes managing time, money, resources, investment, savings, network, etc.

If you want to build Wealth, check your current business model and work, Chances are you will find out that you are into getting Rich Quick path instead of Building Wealth. You need to stop doing it as creating Wealth is totally a different game.

VitalWiz Seekhna Seekho Event 2019

Let me share an overview of the upcoming event VitalWiz Seekhna Seekho Event 2019 which is a unique opportunity for all of you.

How is this a unique opportunity? Keep patience and read further to know it.

Everyone in today’s internet world, trying to learn easy ways of doing work. No one is happy with spending an endless amount of time & energy on working out to find something that can provide him some income. This is an event where you can learn how to earn money online? Yes, you have read correctly, earning money through internet resources. But how? Does it cost you any amount? No, it’s free to attend. Furthermore, you will get all the details in this article. Keep reading. 

Firstly, let it move towards the event description.

VitalWiz Seekhna Seekho Event is going to happen on 21 December 2019 at Jinnah Convention Center. This is an event related to online business learning. How can you start your online business and career? It is a learning event initiated by Hisham Sarwar who is an experienced, freelancer. The idea is to get in touch with young Pakistani talents who want to work freelance or learn how to earn money online.

Hisham Sarwar, the best name of Freelancing in Pakistan shared the idea with Mr. Yousaf Saeed Founder of “IBT – Internet Business Trainings” & “HBG Entrepreneurs” and Sheikh Ishtiaq Ahmed CEO “Sheikh Ishtiaq Ahmed Education Hub”.

They are organizing the event with the following talks.


Freelancing is a contract based profession that uses skills and experience to serve many clients rather than being hired by an organization.

– Blogging: 

A weblog, often abbreviated as “Blogs”, are web pages that contain articles dated by one or more users, often related to a specific subject. Originally, only people who already know how to create a website can start a blog. However, many weblogging tools have appeared on the market in recent years, some of which have become free. Anyone with internet access can currently create their blog.

– Dropshipping: 

Dropshipping is a type of business model that allows you to run a business without maintaining inventory, owning a warehouse to store products, or shipping products to customers themselves.

– Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing program in which fees are paid to external partners when certain results are made available to sellers or advertisers.

– Graphic designing: 

Graphic design is an art understands creative and systematic plans for using pictures, symbols and even words to solve problems and achieve specific goals. It is visual communication and aesthetic representation of concepts and ideas using various graphic elements and tools. 

– Social media marketing (Facebook in particular): 

Social media marketing uses social media platforms to connect with viewers, build brands, increase sales and website traffic. This includes posting quality content to social media profiles, listening to and interacting with subscribers, analyzing the results, and serving social media ads.

– YouTube: 

YouTube is a website designed for sharing videos. YouTube marketing is a way to promote your business and products on the YouTube platform by uploading valuable videos to YouTube channels or by using YouTube ads. 

It was a short introduction of event talks, the biggest names are coming just to share their knowledge and coach you. You’ll get a lot about online earning. 

VitalWiz Seekhna Seekho Event is bringing together a range of activities to empower youth in the areas of freelancing, education, and internet-based training in universities, business world and in organizations in different regions of the country. It is a platform where you can do work on your idea and learn how to earn money.

Those people who are already working in an online earning domain will get more information and they’ll have a chance to promote on an upper level and to promote their portfolio here.

Speakers are coming from Karachi, Multan, Islamabad, and Lahore. Here you’ll see a different type of gathering from usually you’d seen in other events. You’ll learn a lot from here. You’ll learn networking.

It’s happening on Saturday, 21st December 2019. A whole day event that will start at 9:00 a.m till 06:00 p.m. The event is free to attend and it will offer free meals and tea to the participants coming from every corner of the country as well.

So, what are you waiting for else?

Get register yourself, as early as possible because this is a lifetime best opportunity to learn freelancing and networking without paying any fee. Just do it guys, and I hope to see you all there.

Event Details:

VitalWiz Sekhna Seekho Event 2019
Register Here: http://bit.ly/37k1vRF
City: Islamabad:
Day: Saturday
Timing: 9 Am to 6 PM
Venue: Jinnah Convention Centre
Date: 21st December 2019

Article Contributed By Iqra Fatima ( (Student of International Islamic University, Islamabad)

Marketing Is A Process That Makes Sales Easy

Understanding Digital Marketing, Branding & Sales

Students if you learn Digital marketing then it is a very useful skill equally needed by Entrepreneurs, Business personnel, companies and organization to grow. It is a skill to sell.

What is marketing? I define marketing as “A process that makes sales easy”. If you learn digital marketing and grow in it then it has a vast scope in business. www.digitalmarketer.com is a good resource for learning Digital marketing, they have good content and most of their content is free.

When we talk about any product/brand, let say coke, Apple, iPhone, etc the process behind growth/success of their products/services is marketing, means to say that Marketing is the act of analyzing the market and understanding the needs of the customers in such a way that whenever a new product is launched, it sells itself.

Take an example of sprite, before a couple of years it is quite unpopular, but Sprite’s marketing campaign directly targeted teenagers and young adults who are devoted foodaholics, look at their taglines “Mirchi ka tadka sprite se bharka”, “Man Ki Maan”, “When thirst takes over, sprite your thirst” etc. Now the first impression with the sprite that comes in our mind is a mandatory drink with spicy food to enhance the taste. Look how they connect the dots of brand conscious and common people i.e., spicy food + Sprite = complete taste. It has extensively positioned itself with spicy food. Similarly take Coca-cola as an example, their marketing campaign target relationships, for e.g. In gathering of friends and family we mostly prefer to keep coca-cola as a soft drink, it is just because a significant part of Coca-Cola’s success is its emphasis on the brand over product. Coke does not sell a drink in a bottle; it sells ‘Happiness’ in a bottle.

So we need to understand the basic difference between marketing and sales, they are two different things, marketing makes sales easy whereas the sale is the closing process. The problem arises when we hire a salesperson and he starts doing marketing.

Let me explain when a person contacts you for your product, it is a result of the marketing of your product that you have already done, now the sales process starts, your customer may have many questions, concerns or objections and it is up to sales department how they address them rightly and close them. A Salesperson addresses the specific needs of the customer and provides a solution tailored to their requirements. In sales, you have to see all elements like if your customer is willing to buy your product or not, if yes, then whether he has all the resources to buy it or not, how you will cope with this situation?  Maybe your customer is angry, he had bought your product but he was not satisfied with the quality/services, here comes the role of customer support department, they should also know all ingredients of sales means to say how they would handle angry customers or move forward to the sales department or take his/her interest to the level where he/she will buy your product without any hesitation in order to close the sales process.

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