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Online Business Roadmap and Framework Webinar

Video Timeline:
00:04 Welcome Note
00:22 Webinar Overview
02:36 Yousaf Introduction,
03:15 Yousaf & Entrepreneurship
04:00 HBG – Entrepreneurs in the Making
06:43 How to Become Successful Entrepreneur
08:07 Who is an Entrepreneur
11:15 Businessman & Entrepreneur Difference
13:52 Yousaf Definition on Entrepreneurship
15:06 Find Your True Potential
15:18 Entrepreneurship Connect me with Religion
16:48 Freedom Within Boundaries
17:55 Your Life Line
20:12 Serve Others
21:30 Different Stages of Life
22:30 Maslow’s Hierarchy
22:34 Entrepreneur’s Journey Stages
24:00 Entrepreneur Other Definition
24:50 Other Stages of Entrepreneurship
25:37 Entrepreneur is Fighter
26:30 Why Do You Want to Do the Business
29:32 You Get Money in Exchange of Value
32:22 07 Foundation Pillars of an Entrepreneurship
33:03 Slide Output/Return – Timeline – Business Vs Skills
34:56 Income Generating Skills
37:31 Who Starts Fast
44:50 Declare Your Goal to be Accountable
46:20 World Needs People Like You
50:00 What if Your Thinking Changed with Time
55:13 What Does Success Means to You
58:12 What is Happiness?
1:01:17 Entrepreneurs Take Control
1:03:30 Your Positive or negative thinking
1:08:00 HELP, Build & Growth Stage
1:09:10 09 Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom
1:11:06 Environment Set
1:11:51 Build your Environment – delete youtube history
1:16:15 Why & How Business – Revenue
1:16:29 Time & Energy
1:17:18 Which Business Model to Pick in Your Stage
1:18:42 Don’t Have Energy
1:21:04 Different Other Stages of Your Roadmap
1:22:18 Utilize What You Have
1:24:16 Impact Others Life – Leader Definition
1:25:19 Marketing & Selling Stage
1:28:21 Learnings/New Finding/Business Analysis
1:31:00 The 6 Figure Revenue Framework
1:32:16 1st Stage – No Idea
1:32:52 2nd Stage – Time Management, Dependant
1:34:04 Life-Changing Amount
1:36:08 3rd Stage – No System
1:38:42 4th Stage – Impact
1:42:10 Why We Need Coach
1:42:28 DIWI Hierarchy
1:46:28 Teacher To Leader
1:48:50 Yousaf Feedbacks
1:52:13 Group Coaching By Yousaf Saeed Details
2:25:51 Bonuses – Content Studio & others

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Case Study – Online to Offline Business Story of Hisham Majeed – Coaching Student

Should you do Online Business or Offline Business?

This is the question that most of the people have in mind.

My Answer: It depends on person to person and their situation.

Recently I did an interview with one of my

Coaching Student Hisham Majeed.

Key Points of the Interview Timeline:

Why Open a Business on Sunday0:03:30

Untrained Staff Problem: 0:11:23

Why you need to work at every level of business in the start 0:14:00

Fixed Price or Price Bargaining? : 0:19:00

How to fix the Display, Untrained staff and Sales Problem Solution0:22:00

Hisham Majeed Review about my Coaching: 0:28:00

The decision to Join the Family Business was right or wrong: 0:34:00

Is having a Mentor / Coach really important? : 0:37:00

Should You do Offline Business0:41:20

Hisham Majeed Journey – Private Message on Facebook about his progress: 0:44:08

Hisham Uncle (Chaha) Advice that is helping him: 0:45:50

Message by Hisham Majeed for You0:54:07

Why don’t we listen to our parent’s advice and people close to us? : 0:55:30

Should I Provide the Coaching or not? Hisham Majeed Suggestion for me1:03:15

Final closing remarks by me 1:06:00

Soon I will be going to start a Coaching Program.

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