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Share0Share +10Tweet0“He believes in bringing the best change in society by guiding and motivating the youth”.Muhammad Yousaf Saeed is a passionate Digital Marketer.He is one of the first Pakistani FlippaSuper Seller, Author, Entrepreneur,Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, Investor and Certified Digital Marketer.He also do Product Creation, Product launches and Joint Ventures, running multiple Businesses including Software Business.He Helped and Educated more than 16,000 people about online business which includes many Success Stories. 

Yousaf Saeed’s Mind Approach

Flippa Supper Seller

Yousaf Saeed is also a Flippa Super Seller.Flippa is a one of the biggest marketplace for buying and selling online businesses.

Certified Digital Marketer:

He has done 7 Certifications in the field of Digital Marketing:1) Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist2) Certified Content Marketing Specialist3) Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist4) Certified Email Marketing Specialist5) Certified Social & Community Manager6) Certified Search Marketing Specialist7) Certified Optimization & Testing Specialist

E-Book’s by Muhammad Yousaf Saeed

The Product Creation Machine:

Real Business start when you have your own Product.Create your product fast in simple 4 steps. Your step-by-step guide.

A Digital Product Empire:

The Ultimate Guide for Creating Digital Product.Discover How to Start, Build and Launch Your Own Digital Product Empire.Find out how to create your first Digital Product for Sale and Start getting sales on Autopilot.

Fiverr Earnings Magnet:

Secrets Revealed…!How normal people are using Fiverr to generate massive income.Top Fiverr Gigs that earned more than $20,000.

Seminars / Events / Workshops

He has conducted various seminars in different cities of Pakistan which includes an International event with speakers from different countries to motivate and educate youth to start their career in Digital Marketing and run their own Online Business.

International Event on Digital Marketing, Karachi

Internet Business Trainings Workshop / Event, Karachi

Internet Business Trainings Workshop / Event, Lahore


Annual Entrepreneurship Conference 2016


NUST Youth Entrepreneurial Society(YES)-SEECS

Workshop conducted by Yousaf Saeed

1. MobiApps Business

What is Mobi Apps? MobiApps Business is a robust mobile app Software that makes it Super easy to build Apps for Business while providing a tonne of cool Features to make building awesome apps as easy as Drag and Drop.And from development to app store submission, publishing a mobile app for your business has never been easier.

2. Best Infographics Maker

What is Best Infographics Maker? An easy infographic design app that requires very little effort to produce beautiful, high-quality graphics.Make your own Infographics from different templates, designs, graphics, vectors and more to create stunning Infographics.

3. Fast Lead Generator

What is Fast Lead Generator? It is a superb tool to get targeted list of fresh leads with every critical piece of information you need to make the sale, easily laid out for you in a simple table.You can offer your video marketing, designing, development &; other services to businesses, with the help of Fast Lead Generator.

4. Offline Graphics Maker

What is Offline Graphics Creator? Create amazing coupons, flyers, business cards, loyalty cards, gift certificates, tickets and more… for your business marketing needs with this Easy-to-use Software.

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Email: yousafsaeed@ymail.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/muhammad.yousaf.7731Mobile No: 92-312-5038122