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How many Startups have the Marketing Partner / Co-Founder ?

Curious to know, How many Startups have the Marketing Partner / Co-Founder (The One who have marketing experience before, not just like, in a joint venture team, 1 person knows the development so he is a developer, and same goes on with coder, designer, manager or me marketer…so let’s start our own Startup¬†ūüėȬ†) or consider this as a secondary element and instead Hire Marketing Person later.

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Why Online Training and Courses Related to “EARN MONEY ONLINE” are Obsolete?

Just like Current Education System which start becoming obsolete and most of the students are unable to accommodate in the practical life, due to less demand and disconnection between what market needs and with what they study. Same will be going to happen with those Online Education System / Platforms / Organizations / Training which is more towards the mindset of “Earn Online”. Like Education System is more towards “Get JOB”.

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Online Business is Not for Everyone !

Bringing this to your attention, not with intent to discourage you, but to help you understand the reality of it.

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