Hi, I am Muhammad Yousaf Saeed

Where I am and where I want to Go? 

Current Status:

I am in the pursuit of finding myself and my true potential

  • Flippa super seller
  • Certified digital marketer
  • Business consultant
  • Event Organizer
  • Internet Business Trainer
  • Job
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Investor
  • Mentor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Founder of Leads Magnet
  • Host (The mastermind show + HBGE entrepreneurs podcasts)
the master mind show

Turning Point in Digital Marketing

when I launched Fiverr Earning Magnets ebook people were trying to get the pirated version which was a huge loss to me as I was not getting the reward for my efforts.
And when people do not get the reward of their efforts, they stop further contribution. In this way, the whole society suffers.
This was the turning point of my life and I was more than satisfied at that point of time and took oath to create awareness in society.
Personally I’m an introvert but in my field, I am an extrovert. The reason behind this contradiction is that I want to help out people to distinguish the right and wrong of the digital industry. In other words, I want to share my experience of years with them so that they can move forward with a better working approach.
This would also value my business. If people won’t choose the right over wrong, I will suffer too. In fact, the whole society will suffer.

Maslow's Need Of Hierarchy

More people you are empowering, the more they will value you and ultimately the more revenue you will get. So, I want to create awareness to help me out in the long run. I believe in Maslow’s Needs of hierarchy to help out others.

Who is an Entrepreneur?

In my perspective, an entrepreneur is:
“ Someone who is in the finding of himself and
his true potential by serving others and
take the risks to generate profit.”

Being an entrepreneur also strengthened my religious beliefs. It gave me satisfaction and motivation to serve the society. Actually, entrepreneurship is a freedom inside the boundaries.

Flippa Supper Seller

​I am a Flippa super seller

About Flippa:
Flippa is one of the biggest marketplaces for buying and selling online businesses.
The Flippa super seller program recognizes sellers on Flippa who consistently provides a great experience for buyers.
Flippa seller builds and sells great sites, domains of apps and go the extra mile to provide excellent customer services.

My profile on Flippa:


As an author, I have also written Ebooks related to the digital world to help and educate the youth..

Fiverr Earnings Magnet:

The Fiverr was just came into existence when I wrote this book. At that time the sellers were getting about a hundred of orders and they couldn’t able to manage all alone. The trend of outsourcing was getting popular. In this guide, I explained how they can multiply their productivity with software and tools without outsourcing and hiring a team.

fiverr earning magnet

The Product Creation Machine:

Real Business start when you have your own products to sell. Create your product fast in simple 4 steps.
A comprehensive step-by-step guide is really a helpful book.

product creation machine

A Digital Product Empire

An ultimate guide for creating digital product. It covers;
1) How to start
2) Build
3) Launch your own
digital product empire. It also includes how to start getting sales
on Autopilot.

digital product empire

Success Story As a Business Consultant

As a business consultant, I helped a business generate Rs.10 Million revenue in just 6 months with 0$ advertising costs. Without Advertisement, that business earned a Net profit of around Rs.2.5 - Rs.3.0 million in Pakistan.

Event Organizer Under the Brand of Internet Business Training (IBT)

I have organized and managed many events until now. A few memorable events are recalled below.

1st Event:

This event was organized in Lahore back in 2015. It was a two-day event. Hundreds of people from all over Pakistan (Karachi/Kashmir/ Lahore) attended this event. Digital experts shared their valuable experience and premium thoughts.

2nd Event:

It was also a two-day Digital Business Master Plan in Karachi. 

3rd Event:

It was again a two-day event organized in Lahore. 

It was held at Heritage Event Complex, Civic Center Lahore. I was the speaker at this event. It was really an excellent contribution to the potential community..

4th Event:

This premium event was held in Faisalabad with the collaboration of other online business persons.

5th Event:

This premium event was at an international level. The dynamic guests and speakers from all over the world attended this event in Karachi, Pakistan.

The famous International Speaker of this event was Mitch Carson, PJEntrepreneurs and Ernesto Verdugo.

6th Event:

I with some community members did a mastermind session at Kund Malir Balochistan. We tried to spread our voice all over Pakistan.

Virtual Summit Experience

I am the founder and host of the Virtual Summit. I interviewed 18 champions of online business. You can get access to this virtual summit clicking the link given below. 


Surprisingly, 50,000 people got the benefit from this virtual summit and still getting the best out of it. The evidence is available at the IBT facebook page.

A Fundraising Campaign For a Cancer Patient

A friend of our digital community (Tehseen Dilbar Late) was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2018 and treatment cost was about 10 million.

To help him fight against Blood Cancer, I with the digital community run a fundraising campaign for him.

This campaign was actually the event under IBT. We invited experts of online businesses to share their expertise and in return just funds raised for Tehseen Dilbar.

IBT offered their premium training courses free as a bonus on a big donation. The event lasted for 12 hours. We collected 1.3 million just in a week. Later on, we collected up to 7.5 million.

The donation amount was directly transferred into Tehseen’s personal bank account to avoid any transaction tax.

All amount collected in this event was used for his treatment. Tehseen got the best treatment from China.

It was really a big achievement. I cherish those moments till now. 

Product Launch Experience

I have launched many products on the Warrior Forum, JVzoo. The products were of different kinds of software, courses, and training sessions. I have spent $34k for different products launch.Additionally, I have paid $9535+ to well-known mentors for learning successful product launch and internet marketing strategies.


I personally believe that you always need a teacher/mentor who directs you to the right all through your journey. I also met some inspiring people in my journey whom I’ll always credit for my success.

Here are a few names who taught me a lot about product launching and internet business. They are outstanding in their field.

Rob J. Temple ( Marc Milburn)

Bill Hugall

John Thornhill

1) Rob J. Temple

I got training sessions from Rob J. Temple and paid him $1800-$2000 for it.

Facebook Profile Link:  


2) Bill Hugall 

He is one of the products launch experts on the Warrior Forum. I enrolled in his product launch course of worth $2350.

Facebook Profile link:    https://www.facebook.com/billhugall.Marketing

3) John Thornhill

I truly believe that your investment comes back With profit when you get training for the task. I paid

$591 for John Thornhill training session.

Facebook Profile Link:


4) Shane Farewell

I paid $1200 for his courses about the product launching tactics.

5) William Murrey:

I paid $1000 for his training sessions.

Facebook Profile Links:  


5) Akbar Sheikh:

I paid $594 to attend his mentoring session.

Facebook Profile Link:


Beware of Scams!!

Not only this, but I also encountered many scams in the name of MENTORING.

Allen Martin: He used to fabricate his stats of about 40-60% conversion rate about the product worth $200-$300 that he launched with no affiliate traffic on the Warrior forum. I went up to him to know this high conversion rate and above all without any affiliate traffic. 

He was actually a scammer.

He had two PayPal accounts and by using the affiliate link, he bought the product from one of his PayPal accounts, using a fake email identity. In this way, he increased the EPC (Earning per click) and got a high conversion rate.

He gets affiliate commission as per the product launch platform policies. When the conversion rate went up to 40-60%, he used to say that one of my Paypal accounts got hacked and asked for a refund.

The refund policy of the Warrior Forum is that the amount is deducted from both parties.

First, he became the affiliate of that product, launches the product and promotes.

So, if total sales are $1000, he gets $500 as an affiliate and $1000 through a refund.

To save others from his trap, I published his scam on the Warrior forum.

Quality Investments for Personal Growth

Nobody born as perfect. If you want to grow in your field, you must invest in polishing your skills so I did.

I also invested in various platforms to learn different marketing techniques by certified experts in the industry. 

JV Zoo

JV zoo is a known name in the market for purchasing different tools and resources. From 2013-2018, I have purchased 184+ products of totes worth $8490.17. It includes:

  • Tools

  • Live training sessions

  • Mentorships

  • Courses

  • Softwares

  • Ebooks

Warrior Forum

On this platform, I invested $1005 on different resources.

Further, I have invested $15k in different platforms other than JVzoo and Warrior Forum to buy products, pieces of training and software.

Education and Job Experience

I was not a student of A-grade.

After my B.com, I got admission in ICMAP(Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan). Just after the 1st semester, I realized that it’s not my field.

In the second semester of ICMAP, I started applying for an MBA in different universities. Fortunately, I got admission in AIOU and started taking regular evening classes.

I was just like a shuttle between ICMAP and B.com. It continued for 3 - 4 months then I left ICMAP in the 3rd semester and started focusing on MBA only. 

At the same time, I was applying for Job. I got the job interview experience and I was learning new things every day.

At the end of the 2nd semester of MBA, I got the job in AGPR(Accountant General Pakistan Revenues). This was my first job started in March 2006 and still continued.

I continued my studies and completed my MBA.

This job helped me to do investment in different Businesses.

Physical Business Experience

1st Physical Business Setup in:

In 2009, I, with my 3 friends started a business. As partners, we invested time and money for 1 year.

The invested amount was about half a million ( 25k/month plus assistant salary 10k) in one year. But this business could not last for a long time.

I think the main reason behind its failure is that we all were from three different fields and working in 3 different directions.

We could not make collective efforts in a single direction to get the benefit. That’s why we disclosed this business set up with all peace.

2nd Physical Business Setup:

After the first trial, I started a business related to the IT field. The total investment cost 1.2 million. This time I made sure that I hire professional employees rather than the diverted people. It worked well for 2 years. Again we have to wind up this business because of the unavailability of resources and required people in the local market.
During this whole process, I learned different aspects of business like team building( hiring and firing), Time management, Investment and most importantly why businesses collapse.

3rd Physical Business Setup:

This time I didn’t invest in renting an office. Instead of renting an office I started working at home in a separate room. I, with three IT-related friends, started online training sessions and that was the time when I started Internet Business Training (IBT).
I was investing 0.3 million to get various resources. Further, I gave a travel allowance to the employees.
This setup also ended after three months because I and two other employees were job holders and they had to travel 2-3 miles daily to reach my home in the evening.
One more reason that we could not further proceed that we do not have the expertise to work on projects which we have in our mind as ideas. All this happened 6 - 7 years ago.

I won’t call these happenings as failures because these trials helped me a lot to learn new things, like hiring and other business management/Team management/Task Allocation etc.

4th Physical Business Setup:

In this trial, we set up franchises and then sell them out. I started by establishing a local business franchise and sold it with a good profit margin. After that, I run an international business franchise and sold out. Somehow things could not get better in the long run and I quit this business too.
This trial helped me a lot in my online business too. I have established and sold my own 6-7 franchise business models until now with a handsome amount of profit.

During a training session at Eureka, I sold 7 - 8 franchises with 0.4 million revenue in just one session.

Marketing Profit Center:

Almost six years ago,I came to know about PTC (paid to click) sites. I thought it’s a lucrative business idea and we can do it legally.

I with my fellows went on a venture of Marketing Profit Center. But unfortunately, it didn’t go well and we had withdrawn our hands out of it.  

Mostly the PTC sites are more like a scam. They site holders provide the premium membership and allot different tasks to the members before they could earn money.

They given assignments are such herculean tasks that members prefer to give up the task. They don’t demand refund. They think that they couldn’t complete the task that is why there are not getting money. But behind the scene, it was PTC site that was the culprit. They don’t hold any existence.

Pick & Drop Startup

If one business idea didn’t work for me, I opted for another one. I never get disappointed. After trying different online and offline businesses, I came up with an idea of Pick to Drop startup. I approached my friends and we jointly started the Pick & Drop services.

Due to the shortage of funds and time, this idea couldn’t last more than a year.

Investment In T-Shirt Printing Business 

In addition to physical involvement in business, I also work as an investor in some businesses. For instance, I invested almost 0.1 million PKR in the T-shirt printing business of my friend but gained nothing so we quiet the business on a friendly node.

Digital Marketing Event

University Speaker Experience

  • Karachi University
  • Quaid-e-Azam university
  • Eureka institute Karachi
  • NUST
  • World Camp Islamabad
  • Payoneer Forum Islamabad
  • Digital Baithak
  • Facebook community of leadership
  • PIPC(Pakistan IT professional conference) Faisalabad
  • Comsats Islamabad
  • Business Academy Session Lahore
  • IBT events Lahore
  • IBT events Karachi
  • IBT events Faisalabad

Webinar Experience

I have done 400+ webinars so far. Amazingly, the average time for each webinar is 1.5 hours. So there is helping material of 600+ hours to help and serve the local community.

Group Product Launch Experience

I met with almost 15 local people and present them with an idea of group product launch.we made a collective investment of $1500 and launched a Plug-in named Social Content Blaster. As this Social Content Blaster was connected with Facebook thus not optimized and ultimately not lucrative

Founder Of LeadsMagnet

Over time, I realized that people take more interest in free resources. This is the reason they use pirated or cracked versions of resources. Through this channel, I want to help the community of 12+ fields.

The motive behind this program is to provide high-quality resources to those who can't afford the costly resources. It would also keep them away from unethical/blackhat activities.

12 Months of Business Assets(12 MBA) Program 

In this program, we took the initiative of establishing 12 online businesses in 12 months. I with my fellows proposed this multiple business ideas in an event. We explained the 12 revenue generating business models based on research. 

It is extremely inspiring that  how a person can build 12 businesses in 12 months. To learn about the details of the 12MBA idea, click on the link below.


This program was the base of my IBT brand. In IBT(internet business training), I launched the “Build Your Roadmap to Success” program in which I started training sessions to help people build their roadmaps.

University Speaker Experience

I met with almost 15 local people and present them with an idea of group product launch.we made a collective investment of $1500 and launched a Plug-in named Social Content Blaster. As this Social Content Blaster was connected with facebook thus not optimized and ultimately not lucrative


For me roadmap program was a complete A-Z Learning, motivation, Implementation, growth "HUB" . Things I learned about the real game of any business either Online or offline. I got answers to many questions Why, How, when. The main thing Roadmap program pull me out from Sheikh Chilli Zone :) Now I understand different business model. I can analyze my current situation what I need now and why I to have remove different things which I think important But on ground no benefit. I can see the impact of roadmap in different aspects of my life. My personal life, religion, health etc. I'm more than staisfied with this program. The concept of roadmap in my words it's " Alif, Bay Qaida for Online /offline Buisness or anything.

Ali Faisal


To wake up early in the morning is my old habit though but I don't use to do things in a hard way but now I am making change by taking little steps towards bringing positive change in me and my workflow.
Doing whitehat is not enough when I have greedy and dirty hands myself but to become completely clean it would take some time which includes crossing many hurdles on the way to success.
However, I feel like sharing my little happiness taken all because of Muhammad Yousaf or else I would think the way I used to "it's okay to download software patches...." or maybe I have not spend real money to buy "desktop customization kit"
A.k.A Stardock Objectdesktop.

Wasif Ali

Freelance Designer

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