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Your approach defines your Destination: How to do Freelancing



Most of the freelancers get frustrated and quit because they think short term and look for fast results. If you ask yourself the right questions only then you will be able to get a right answer.
If you try to get a result or want to achieve goal:
In a day ,it will be hard
In a Week, you will have a some time to think and act.
In a Month, you have time to learn and grow your skill.
In a Year, you will have the time to test, practice and bring more value , which will results in more benefits.
—In Years’s, you can plan wisely and have enough time to grow and work on the foundation and become the giant as when you step into the Field / Market Place. You can crush your competitors with the power of strong skills and with the high value you bring to your clients.
Basics of business will never change, either it is online or offline. Those who learned, developed the skills, polish the skills by practicing, do all the hard work before stepping in to the battle field of freelancing will win and win long term.
If you know how to fire the gun, you can step into the battle of freelancing and can shoot few clients down here and then and got some rewards ,but the real battle starts, when you have to penetrate, to move forward, have less bullets / skills , you won’t win until and unless you are a Super Man or Super Women or an Hero of the film.
This is the real life, making money online is not a big issue, but growing and penetrate is the big issue and many collapse at that time.
Don’t step into the deep water, until and unless you have an skills to swim in it.
All those who are getting started or just started and are frustrating that you are late or unable to get the orders or results, “YOU ARE VERY LUCKY” because you haven’t yet tasted the bloody Dollar ($s) because most of those who tasted it forget it how they reach their and don’t have a plan how to move forward. You should focus more on polishing and developing your skills with the purpose to provide more value to your clients and able to help your clients achieve the desire results.
To know why you are doing is more important then what you are doing…

As Abraham Lincoln said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Best wishes for you

Be Self Aware as Market Is Self Aware and It may won’t give you a chance to stand up once you fall.

Find out your Skill, Develop Your Skills, Grow it,

Your Skill will help you every time and every where and specially in the Darkness time of your Business. It will give you a light of hope…

How many Startups have the Marketing Partner / Co-Founder ?

Curious to know, How many Startups have the Marketing Partner / Co-Founder (The One who have marketing experience before, not just like, in a joint venture team, 1 person knows the development so he is a developer, and same goes on with coder, designer, manager or me marketer…so let’s start our own Startup 😉 ) or consider this as a secondary element and instead Hire Marketing Person later.

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Why Online Training and Courses Related to “EARN MONEY ONLINE” are Obsolete?

Just like Current Education System which start becoming obsolete and most of the students are unable to accommodate in the practical life, due to less demand and disconnection between what market needs and with what they study. Same will be going to happen with those Online Education System / Platforms / Organizations / Training which is more towards the mindset of “Earn Online”. Like Education System is more towards “Get JOB”.

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