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Marketing Is A Process That Makes Sales Easy

Understanding Digital Marketing, Branding & Sales

Students if you learn Digital marketing then it is a very useful skill equally needed by Entrepreneurs, Business personnel, companies and organization to grow. It is a skill to sell.

What is marketing? I define marketing as “A process that makes sales easy”. If you learn digital marketing and grow in it then it has a vast scope in business. is a good resource for learning Digital marketing, they have good content and most of their content is free.

When we talk about any product/brand, let say coke, Apple, iPhone, etc the process behind growth/success of their products/services is marketing, means to say that Marketing is the act of analyzing the market and understanding the needs of the customers in such a way that whenever a new product is launched, it sells itself.

Take an example of sprite, before a couple of years it is quite unpopular, but Sprite’s marketing campaign directly targeted teenagers and young adults who are devoted foodaholics, look at their taglines “Mirchi ka tadka sprite se bharka”, “Man Ki Maan”, “When thirst takes over, sprite your thirst” etc. Now the first impression with the sprite that comes in our mind is a mandatory drink with spicy food to enhance the taste. Look how they connect the dots of brand conscious and common people i.e., spicy food + Sprite = complete taste. It has extensively positioned itself with spicy food. Similarly take Coca-cola as an example, their marketing campaign target relationships, for e.g. In gathering of friends and family we mostly prefer to keep coca-cola as a soft drink, it is just because a significant part of Coca-Cola’s success is its emphasis on the brand over product. Coke does not sell a drink in a bottle; it sells ‘Happiness’ in a bottle.

So we need to understand the basic difference between marketing and sales, they are two different things, marketing makes sales easy whereas the sale is the closing process. The problem arises when we hire a salesperson and he starts doing marketing.

Let me explain when a person contacts you for your product, it is a result of the marketing of your product that you have already done, now the sales process starts, your customer may have many questions, concerns or objections and it is up to sales department how they address them rightly and close them. A Salesperson addresses the specific needs of the customer and provides a solution tailored to their requirements. In sales, you have to see all elements like if your customer is willing to buy your product or not, if yes, then whether he has all the resources to buy it or not, how you will cope with this situation?  Maybe your customer is angry, he had bought your product but he was not satisfied with the quality/services, here comes the role of customer support department, they should also know all ingredients of sales means to say how they would handle angry customers or move forward to the sales department or take his/her interest to the level where he/she will buy your product without any hesitation in order to close the sales process.

What Is Right For You – Mentoring or Training?

Differentiating Between Trainer and Mentor

You can get training from many, for Free or Paid. By training, you will be able to learn a specific part or stuffs. Training will help you educate, help you learn and master the skills, training will help you save lots of time and money, which you may invest if you do it your self. Training will lead you to the way where you want to go.

Training will not tell you If this is what you should do or follow or not.
Training will not tell you If this is the right way or right training for you or not.

Training is the 2nd Stage or 2nd Step of what you want to get or achieve.

1st Stage or 1st Step is to know

What Actually You Want and What is Best for You

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How many Startups have the Marketing Partner / Co-Founder ?

Curious to know, How many Startups have the Marketing Partner / Co-Founder (The One who have marketing experience before, not just like, in a joint venture team, 1 person knows the development so he is a developer, and same goes on with coder, designer, manager or me marketer…so let’s start our own Startup 😉 ) or consider this as a secondary element and instead Hire Marketing Person later.

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Why Online Training and Courses Related to “EARN MONEY ONLINE” are Obsolete?

Just like Current Education System which start becoming obsolete and most of the students are unable to accommodate in the practical life, due to less demand and disconnection between what market needs and with what they study. Same will be going to happen with those Online Education System / Platforms / Organizations / Training which is more towards the mindset of “Earn Online”. Like Education System is more towards “Get JOB”.

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