Connected Pakistan Conference 2018 “Changing Trends of IT events”

Why you are attending Connected Pakistan Conference?
This is the question which you need to answer before going to the Conference otherwise you will miss a lot.

connected pakistan conference 2018

If your answer is that you will go and see or may be able to learn something or connect with few people or get motivation … YOU are missing a very important point and you are going to try hitting the target with closed eyes.

You should ask yourself these questions.
1) What kind of learning do I need to grow and expand in my life or career or business?

70-80% Focus on that part in the Conference and try to make sure when you leave. You got at least 1 or 2 things to follow up that may help you.

2) Which speaker or trainer is more relevant to you that can help you achieve your goals?

Read their social media profiles, wall, tweets, know them before the event, and get connected with them in the event. You won’t be able to meet most of them other than this event so get the best use of it. This opportunity won’t come again.

3) What kind of people do you need to connect with and have a chit chat that can give you the motivation and help you connects the dot that helps you move forward?

Be wise in selecting the gathering where to stand and sit, as what you are going to learn in these short chit-chat have a different story and tell you behind the scenes.

4) To whom you need to get connected and follow after the event that will help you grow and expand in a longer run.

Very very Important. The event will be 25%, 75% will be the follow-up. Make sure you work and plant the seed properly so that you can nature them and get the benefits in the longer run. Be wise and be open-minded and have an open heart.

5) How you can deliver the value to someone and leave the impact and positive energy that leads to building good connections.

Everyone have something to give, You have it too. You just need to find it out. It can be your smile. Your positive attitude. Your appreciation that will give a green signal to the other person to give you what you need.

In the end. You and Only You are responsible to make this Conference a Success for Yourself. It’s in your hand. Don’t give it in someone else hand to take a decision for you if it was a success or not.

See You Tomorrow.

InshaALLAH This Conference will be Successful for You and for Connected Pakistan Team

P.S I am not getting paid for this 🙂

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  • September 7, 2018
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