Enhancing Pakistan’s Female Entrepreneurs Voice & Empowerment through HBG

After the initial first official update of HBG Entrepreneurs (Opens 3-4 days ago. But was in process for last 4 years).

female entreprenurs hbg

Although we do have some Women Entrepreneurs such as Marjan Arbab , Rubina Yasmeen and few more will join soon. But as these ladies confirmed us at the last time and we won’t be able to update it in our Cover Pictures. Which was rightly pointed out by a few Females?

We are just started but the Females Voice was loud and We appreciate them for raising their voice. That also indicates that our IT ECO system is not welcoming them or not accepting them as it should be.

On Behalf of HBG Entrepreneurs, I will request the females to please tag or update us about the Women Entrepreneurs so that we can contact them and have the privilege and honored to have them be a part of HBG Entrepreneurs. Where “Our Mission is to Help, Build and Grow Entrepreneurs and their Startups / Businesses to bring Improvement and Change in the society through their Product’s and Service’s.”

Right now we are in the early stage and we are working on the foundation to build a strong system so that we all can grow and help Entrepreneurs. We may not be able to have everyone in the start. But we will keep them adding as and when the time comes and those who will be the right fit.

Thanks for Understanding and Cooperating.

Special Thanks to Zeenat Anjum, Anum Kamran, Umme Kulsoom, Urooj Iqbal, Roshaan Binte Zahra for pointing it out and raising the voice. More power to you (Y)

HBG Entrepreneurs Membership Form

P.S Males can also refer/recommend Female Entrepreneurs.

  • October 1, 2018
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