How many Startups have the Marketing Partner / Co-Founder ?

Curious to know, How many Startups have the Marketing Partner / Co-Founder (The One who have marketing experience before, not just like, in a joint venture team, 1 person knows the development so he is a developer, and same goes on with coder, designer, manager or me marketer…so let’s start our own Startup 😉 ) or consider this as a secondary element and instead Hire Marketing Person later.

Let’s take a brief look at my profile so that you readers knows what I want to explain here.

I am having a Digital Marketing Background. The people around me have no problem in raising funds / bootstrapping because they know how to sale. But the problem they have is they don’t understand the Startup Ecosystem and they don’t understand or have time to think about owning your own product/ Startup. They are more towards generating sales today, instead of working on building a foundation and plant marketing seeds that bring them Hot leads which can be converted into sales easily.

I have worked with a Startup, help them grow from 10-15 sales a day to 150-200 sales per day which result in 5500+ sales in 6 months, generating $100k (Rs10,000k) having 30%+ profit and the best part was they didn’t invest a single penny on marketing from their own pocket. This is just in the context of what I am about to say related to Startups.

What I have seen in the Startup space is that most of them are towards raising the funds and that is their ultimate goal and most Startups fail in doing so. They forget that the product/service core purpose is to serve and If they work on the foundation properly then raising funds is just an option not the end of the tunnel.

Another thing I observe in Startups is that they bring the cofounder just for the sake of not doing investment in hiring, what they are missing is the True Passion and Dedication towards the Startup by Co-founder as it was not there from the start. Cofounder just joined with the motive to get the future benefit, instead of owning the idea or concept in true spirit.

Last but not the least they do not value the Marketing Importance, to them their Idea is the best and it can itself bring customers/ clients and can easily help them raise millions.

I feel bad for all those Startups that can bring the change but get lost in the dust of fundraising as they were never taught or they themselves didn’t realize it was just one door close, not the end of the world.

Here is another important point I want to place for healthy discussion. We marketers even sell the product, which doesn’t exist and validate the Idea before going any deep. 🙂

Whatever Startup you are doing, you need a Marketer, that knows his stuff and knows how to market your product. Not all marketers fit according to your startup needs.

In last, most of the Startups bring the Marketer when they want to sell (mostly in the last stage), they didn’t realize that they need a Marketer from the start, who can guide them and work on the Startup from the start as marketing is the process and good marketer will help plant seeds of marketing in the Startup from the start that will bring good results in long run.

Startup and Marketer Conversation:
—Startup is like, we need a marketer, we got this billion $ product, we just need to sale and we need it fast.

—Marketer, ok cool let me see the product.
Oh … (Kisi andha ko product bechni hai kiya)
There is lot more work to be done from the Marketing point of view. It will require more time.

— Startup, chal ba is ko kiya pata, hum na itna months me, din rth ik kar ka ya kiya hai or ab ya khata a product sahi nahi, chor hum khud marketing kar laita hain. FB or Google pa ads hi to run karna hai..

Startup should have a Marketing Cofounder or Manager or Marketing Person from the start and give him a free hand to give his input not only about marketing part but also about the product/service too.

Best Regards with #Love and #Respect for you.

Muhammad Yousaf

P.s Do check the person you have as Marketer, is he/she really a marketer.  Or is he a person who left his Fail Startup and now started His own Marketing Startup. 😉

P.s.s you are great, because you will bring the new change, but you can not change the basic rules of the game.

Here are some more points which I updated in the comments:

Good points. let me explain more. I am talking in general and not every startup have a great product especially in the start, it becomes great with the passage of time and customers play a vital role in making it great by giving their feedback. When startups adopt those feedbacks. Yes, you cannot stay in the market with bad product.

By “Marketing is Everything” doesn’t limit to only sales, it also includes the communications you do to promote, share and discuss your product, in simple it is about reaching to the market by any means.

‘We marketers even sell the product which doesn’t exist “ Here what we do is go into the ideal customer, pitch them the Idea (yes they know it’s an idea ) and If they show interest we ask them to pay an early adopters discount price and with few more other benefits. In this way you will get to know is market will going to pay for it or not. Then we go create the product and send to them. Crowdfunding is one of the types of such marketing.

You might be coming from the point of view that marketing is only about the sale but that’s not the case. marketing is doing such activities that bring sales easily.

I am a startup supporter too and realize the fact that marketing is an important ingredient of any startup and most just fail because they believe on their product more and hence not able to do what is important.

Let me add few more points.
Just like any Startup/product have many stages from Idea to Development. Same goes for marketing It also has many stages and it is different for every stage of Startup/ Product.

What Startups do is they wait for the product to be completed and then they start marketing at the end. What they should do is start doing the networking from the start and connect with those people who can give them good advice and can help them grow. This is also a form of marketing. If startup builds the network from the start and let’s say it took 1 year for the product to develop then within 1 year they may get good numbers of connections to expand and grow startup as and when they need it.

Marketing starts from the day Idea generates.

Most Startups doesn’t FAIL. In fact, The were not able to realize the scope, potential, and growth of it. Founders make wrong expectations just like someone expects his Bike to run fast like Airplane.

Every Startup has it’s own scope and boundaries. If Founder does his homework and knows it then he will be in more control of what to do and what to expect.

Most Startups wants to be like next Elon Or Mark or Edhi or Richard or Facebook or Olx or Uber or …

If you can focus on dictating or Authority or Brand in our own sub-niche that will be much better, instead of becoming a Giant in a niche.

If your startup has the potential to bring $1k or $5k or $10k and you are profitable then stick with it. Until it has the potential to expand or grow. Most Startups when try to grow they fail or collapse as the foundation was not strong and it doesn’t have the potential.

Jago Bahi Jago, Nothing wrong with thinking big but expecting big from something that doesn’t have the capacity is wrong.


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