Online Business is Not for Everyone !

Bringing this to your attention, not with intent to discourage you, but to help you understand the reality of it.

They will tell you Freelancing and Online Business (oh sorry , Online Earnings;) ) is easy and you will free from all of the life struggles and will live a life of your dreams…

But what they will not tell you (the truth voice in their heart) . It’s not the complete story. Such as It’s not for everyone. It’s easy to earn some money with lots of down time mostly. How to grow ( mostly don’t know themselves) .

And often the success story they are sharing is obsolete and no more in use and best part is lots of success stories have to do with so call tips and tricks, which are most of time nothing but only violates of the platform rules and regulations.

Online Business (earnings) is not easy and it’s not for everyone. Only few do it Successful mostly will be work under or be a part of it but will not own and that’s where their success is…


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