Thoughts on Concept of Failure for Humans and Artificial Intelligence

When AI(Artificial intelligence) will Fail to do something, It learns and adapt to the new things/changes and perform much better and efficiently next time. We accept it because we know Failure is the way moving forward and It will help become AI more strong and effective.

On the other side, when Humans Fail to do something, we say and believe it is the First and Last time. We were told to believe you can’t Fail, You only need to Win or Successful in that Task/Activity. We forget Humans and Human mind is most efficient and effective. It learns from his environment and adapts to the changes accordingly way faster than anything else. But It needs to go through the process of so-called “FAILURE”, which is not actually a Failure, in fact, it is a learning process to become better.

It starts from the time when we start comparing and judging one kid from other. One person from other. If a Kid fails in a subject we say “You Fail”. We don’t take the responsibility of admitting and have the courage to say “You are different” and then work towards finding out, what uniqueness that kid has and help him/her find it out and grow in that.

If creator (ALLAH) didn’t create all Humans equal and no two humans are like same in billions or trillions of Humans created from the day of Adam (PBUH). till now. Then how come we expect to have them fit equal to our standards and rule, which are nothing to compare with the System and rules by Creator (Allah). We create a system so that Humans can act like the Robots and then we create Robots to act like Humans.

The reason most or some of the Top Entrepreneurs. Who change the world are the dropouts. Because they were different and they fight the way out from the system and make their own way. They were also brave to do so. But the majority of won’t do it because they are not Brave enough and will remain the prison of the system.

Human Systems and Rules are created to Restricts Humans, Whereas Creator (Allah) Systems and Rules are created to help Humans become the true “Human Being”.

No one will be going to change the system inside as they cannot see the world from outside and it needs brevity and courage to fight with the System from inside. Fighting against the System will also not make it change too.

Start from Yourself, Fight with Yourself, Fight with Your Thoughts, Challenge Them, Change Yourself, World With Change. Most Importantly Find the Purpose of your Creation. Holy Quran has the answer to your questions.
First, read it,
then read it again to try to understand,
then read it again to talk to Creator (ALLAH) and ask your Questions and you will start getting your answers from Holy Quran. with English Translation.

For all non-muslims friends, you are a very literate person. You read a lot, read one time Holy Quran too not for me or for anyone else for yourself and see If it is like other Books or it is The Book which you were looking for ages to read and find out the questions you have in yourself from the day you Born.


You were not a Failure in the Past.
You will not be going to be Fail in the Future.

You will only learn and If you learn and correct and adapt to the changes, You will be in a better position and will be more comfortable and Happy with your life and will work towards serving the Humanity, and that is the way to come close to your Creator (Allah).

You are not a Failure, You are a Learner to become Good.
Learn with English Translation.

P.s I started this post with Comparing of AI and Humans and want to share my thoughts about the concept of Failure. It moves towards the Creator (Allah) because If we didn’t find our reason for creation then that is the True Failure.

P.s.s: These were my thoughts, You can agree or disagree or neutral, In any of the case, I highly respect your thoughts and point of view.

  • March 25, 2018
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