What Is Right For You – Mentoring or Training?

Differentiating Between Trainer and Mentor

You can get training from many, for Free or Paid. By training, you will be able to learn a specific part or stuffs. Training will help you educate, help you learn and master the skills, training will help you save lots of time and money, which you may invest if you do it your self. Training will lead you to the way where you want to go.

Training will not tell you If this is what you should do or follow or not.
Training will not tell you If this is the right way or right training for you or not.

Training is the 2nd Stage or 2nd Step of what you want to get or achieve.

1st Stage or 1st Step is to know

What Actually You Want and What is Best for You

This is where Mentor steps in.

The problem, most of us is that we follow and tend to do what others are doing. Irrespective of knowing if that can be good or us or if that is what actually we want to do or not.

Understanding The Role of a Mentor

A mentor is a person, who helps you find

  • Your hidden treasure,
  • Your true passion,
  • Your own path towards success,
  • What you should do and what you should not do.

And here comes the harsh reality, only a few lucky ones get the chance, to know it and get the chance to work with the mentors, that truly understand and help them what they want.

You will find many Teachers / Instructors / Guru / Experts but you will find very few mentors , who can hold your finger and help you walk towards your success.

These days Training and Learning are everywhere, but even then the problem still remains, that why you are not getting the desired results, why you are not getting the same results or earnings like the one you are following or even doing as they are saying ???

Because you never start with the right concept and the right working.

Why Players Need Coach?

Have you ever thought, why sports players need a coach?

Even the best of the best player or master or expert of the game need a coach

Because Coach is someone who looks you from where you cannot see yourself. He is the one who points out, what mistakes you are doing, or what errors you are making that may hurt your game, he help you understand what your strong point is, he helps you understand who you really are and help you achieve what you should and want to get.

Mentor For Online Business

The same goes for this digital world, You need a Coach or a Mentor so you can get the best out of this Digital World.

Mentor will help you save your time and money and help you get the best out of it.

So Instead of Training, First look for a mentor that can tell you can help you find what you should do and what you should not do.

Mentor + Training = Better Results.

Without Mentor, you might be able to get what you dream for, but only a few are able to do it and it required a lot more struggle and lot more failures and a lot more time and money to get it.

But another problem that you may face in the quest of finding a mentor that if you make a decision that you want to do this or want to get this while looking at people’s success stories etc. Then you search for the mentors in that field and joined them. But you are not able to get the desired results which you want. Because what happened is that although that mentor is good at what he does, he is the mentor in that specific stuff or field, he will mentor you about that field or stuffs. He can not mentor you if that is for you or not.

Here you need to be careful about which mentor you need to pick or select or need to work with.

Initially, you need a mentor you can work on you and help you find out your true passion and skills and help you set a path for you.

Once the path is set, after then you can get the training in that field or topic or can get a specific mentor which will help you master in it.

So before doing anything find your true mentor otherwise, you will be throwing your head here and there

Hope that make sense to you

  • October 24, 2019