Why Online Training and Courses Related to “EARN MONEY ONLINE” are Obsolete?

Just like Current Education System which start becoming obsolete and most of the students are unable to accommodate in the practical life, due to less demand and disconnection between what market needs and with what they study. Same will be going to happen with those Online Education System / Platforms / Organizations / Training which is more towards the mindset of “Earn Online”. Like Education System is more towards “Get JOB”.

What is happening is that they are planting bad seeds in the mind and in most cases people won’t be able to “Earn Online”, few may able to “Earn Online” but they won’t be able to grow and expand because they were never taught about the basic and necessity of running a successful business nor they bother themselves to study it, understand it and practice it. (Like Current Education system, students only study their textbooks).

According to FORBES “90% Of Startups Fail”. That is about Startups where people have some Business and other basic understanding and resources and knowledge and skills. Whereas the “Online Earnings Mindset People” has only one or two things and which are not up to the level it should be. Failures are much high up to 99% or so.

The Real Game Starts when you want to Grow and Expand and Compete at a Big Level (When Family, Peers, Society, Responsibilities, Time and other factors putting more pressure and asking for more). “Online Earning Mindset People” start collapsing as their base/ foundation was not strong.

Online Success Stories Spellbind Effects on Seekers

You will see people step into the online world with the mindset of “Online Earnings” but you will not see or only know very less about how many people and even Business Collapse and leave the Online Business World.

You will see Zero to Hero Stories.
But You will not see Hero to Zero Stories.

No one is willing to put a real work and study what is going on?
Where is the trend moving towards?
how successful are these business models?
Why those went up to the top level and then leave or fail (where they are training their current students to go)?
Why do they have those people, who were the success story of past and currently they and their business is going down.

Envision Short Term Vs Long Term Goals

No one is willing to study the after effects, everyone is after the current short-term goals and they don’t care what will happen in future.

Just like People create Bad Political System and then according to them they elect bad people as they have no other choice and all good peoples don’t do politics, they ignore the fact they made this politics bad from the start. ( All those Good people are just the cause of all this Badness because they don’t play their own role and put their responsibility on others shoulders.). Same will happen here, they will say “we did our best and things were shaping well but then …” What they will not accept and admit, that they were the cause of all this because they didn’t do what was required to do.

“Online Earners” You will earn some money, but the question you need to ask and analysis your working/business. Can it scalable and up to the needs and demand of the market?

Where would You see yourself in not 1 month, 6 months or 1 year but see yourself in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and so on…

Work on Foundation and You will be able to build a Tower on it


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